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Silverdome failure creates lots of digital lolz

Credit Caricature created by Vic Reyes MBME Media

As you’re probably aware, it’s been quite a hectic news week here in Michigan.

But of all the stories bouncing around the media echo chamber, without a doubt, my favorite Michigan-centric of the week has been the failed implosion of the much maligned and neglected Pontiac Silverdome.

See video below.

To be honest, it really wasn’t the failed implosion itself, but rather the scores of supposed Facebook events created to help bring the Silverdome down.

Here’s just a few, in no particular order. And mind you, people took time to make these, most with a pretty funny graphic.

  • Body slam Andre the Giant until the Silverdome falls down
  • Everyone Bring A Fan And Aim It Towards The Silverdome

  • Help the Kool-Aid Man Knock Down the Silverdome

  • Everyone dress like Eleven and scream at the Silverdome until it explodes (Listener note: I don’t even know what the “Eleven” reference refers to, but I assuming it is “Scanners-esque)

  • Roast a Large Turkey in the Silverdome

  • Pray the Silverdome away

  • Do donuts and 2-step around the Silverdome until it collapse

  • Feed The Silverdome Krabby Patties Until It Explodes

  • Pour jet fuel on the rest of the Silverdome

  • Watch Sharknado finish the Silverdome Demolition

  • Cheering The Silverdome On Because It's No Quitter… #silverdomestrong

  • Crash Mustangs in to the Silverdome to Knock it Down

  • March around the Pontiac Silverdome for 7 days until it collapses

  • Silverdome headed back to the home planet going away party

  • Encase the Silver Dome in a big plastic bubble and turn it into Biodome


And finally, and probably the most appropriately….

“Lions play Silverdome one last time to finish off the bombing.”