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Year in Review 2019: Our reporting highlights

These are the stories only Michigan Radio reporters could bring you. 

This year took our reporters inside a prison with never-before-seen access, to schools facing new challenges in Flint, and into the history of how one 19th century Michigander changed how we approach education today.

Take some time to read the stories you missed, or revisit the ones that stuck with you in 2019:

Life on the Inside

Stateside spent a day inside Lakeland Correctional Facility, where the majority of prisoners are there for life. The documentary that resulted from that trip takes you inside Lakeland to learn what life is like when it is spent behind bars.

chain link fence outside of a lakeland correctional center
Credit John McGuire for Michigan Radio

Same Same Different: Read The Room

Bryce Huffman hosted Michigan Radio’s second podcast, Same Same Different. The five-episode podcast saw Huffman and his guests explore identity and how to survive “otherness.”

Exposed to lead in infancy, now Flint's youngest students face challenges in school

The babies and toddlers who lived through the height of the Flint water crisis are now in elementary school. Kate Wells visited one of those schools, and found that teachers and staff are facing a new crisis.

“I would just like someone to listen.” Why frustrated accusers of ex-Olympic coach turned to state

Larry Nassar is in prison, Michigan State University has lost two presidents and millions of dollars, and U.S.A. Gymnastics is in turmoil. But there’s one coach still being investigated. Lindsey Smith spoke to frustrated victims, parents, and coaches about the controversy surrounding John Geddert.

Credit Dylan Martinez / REUTERS / Adobe Stock
Adobe Stock

Demolitions are transforming Detroit. Some wonder: what comes next?

Detroit Mayor Mike Duggins has promised to remove all blight in the city. But, as Sarah Cwiek learned from residents, there are fears about what will happen to the neighborhoods that are all but removed in the process.

The forgotten history of how a Grand Rapids high school transformed education in America

Dustin Dwyer has been obsessed with the question, “Why do schools matter?” In order to find an answer, he dug into the history books to explain how public education came to be, and to tell the story of a 19th century Grand Rapids educator that forever changed what school is for.

Credit Public Domain/Wikimedia Commons
Public Domain/Wikimedia Commons

The Flint water crisis began 5 years ago. Is the city better off?

2019 marked the 5 year anniversary of the Flint water crisis. Steve Carmody wanted to know, after all the pain and change the city has gone through, is it better off?

Reclaiming life after a catastrophic car crash: David St. Amant's story

An auto accident can destroy a person physically, and financially. Many people rely on auto insurance payments after they’re injured in a crash. Tracy Samilton spoke to one family who relies on those payments, and worry about changes to the auto insurance law.

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