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Auchter's Art: A break from the fire hose of political outrage

John Auchter
Michigan Radio

Are you guys exhausted? I know I am.

I don't know that I can continue to maintain this level of political outrage. I mean, I draw editorial cartoons, so political outrage is something of a default mode. But lately — especially this past month — it's been like drinking from a fire hose. There is just so much to be relentlessly outraged about.

I've read that the process for effecting political change is more of a marathon than a sprint. I think that's true. The prudent plan is to pick key battles and set an even pace. But it is difficult to think long term when it feels like the house is on fire.

That's actually where the idea for this week's comic started.

I recently bought a T-shirt featuring a very popular meme taken from KC Green and his webcomic, "Gunshow." It's an image of a placid little doggie with a bowler hat sitting in a house that is engulfed in flames saying, "This is fine." You can see it here.

It got me to thinking — what's the inverse of that?

If it's bad to be completely numb to the danger that surrounds you, what's the consequence of perpetual reaction and losing sight of the beauty that surrounds you?

What is the right level of vigilance?

One of the benefits of living in Michigan is the harsh lessons the weather can teach us. It was nice this week. Incredibly nice for February, and a gift that should be appreciated. A typical Michigan spring lasts all of 20 minutes, and this may have been the only one we're gonna get.

I hope you were able to take a moment away from the fire hose to enjoy it!

John Auchter is an editorial cartoonist. Views expressed in his cartoons are his own and do not necessarily reflect those of Michigan Radio, its management or the station licensee, The University of Michigan.

Since 1995 John has created Michigan-based editorial cartoons for the Grand Rapids Business Journal, the Grand Rapids Press, and MLive Newspapers. His cartoons are currently featured at MichiganRadio.org and are syndicated to newspapers through the Michigan Press Association. John is an active member of the Association of American Editorial Cartoonists. You can view an archive of his editorial work and other cartoons at Auchtoon.com.
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