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Chantell Phillips

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Chantell Phillips is an incoming Junior at Wayne State University. She’s studying Broadcast Journalism with a Business Certificate. She dreams of having her own talk show, starting a daycare center in Detroit, and owning a nonprofit mentorship program. Whether you see her hosting the BET awards, sparking great conversations on the red carpet and or interviewing Oprah, she’s bound for greatness!

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Today on Stateside, what parents should know about the uptick in eating disorders during the pandemic. And, the latest campaign finance disclosure reveals a state representative’s eyebrow-raising expenses. Plus, a critical look at the FBI’s use of confidential informants while investigating the plot to kidnap Governor Gretchen Whitmer. 

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Today on Stateside, Detroit's handling of sewage, and a system that’s been overwhelmed with flooding twice already this summer. Also, thoughts on this stage of the pandemic. If herd immunity is impossible, how should we change prevention plans? And the owner of Count Your Lucky Stars records tells the story of growing a micro music scene.

Judge's gavel
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Today on Stateside, a federal judge weighed penalties for attorneys who tried to overturn Michigan’s 2020 election. And, Flint poet on his latest collections and republished work in Knopf. 

woman wearing "defund police" mask
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Today on Stateside, we look into how Michigan cities have responded to calls from activists to defund the police. Then, Governor Whitmer has officially lifed most of the pandemic restrictions, despite a large number of vaccine-hesitant Michiganders, including in the city of Detroit. Plus, we talk to a Michigan State University sociologist about their research on the frustrating interactions transgender people experience at the doctor’s office.