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Crissy Zamarron

Marketing Assistant,

Crissy Zamarron is a U of M alumna and has been a part of the U of M community in a variety of roles since graduating in 2013. As a student she spent two years interning for Michigan Radio in the Operations, Production, and Marketing departments wanting to soak up all of the knowledge she could about public radio. She is currently finishing up her master’s in Strategic Communication at MSU.


Before returning to Michigan Radio as a Marketing Assistant, she worked in the College of LS&A as an Intercultural Programs Advisor, helping expand a global perspective to the next generation, while getting to travel the world. Crissy has explored Mexico, Ireland, Japan, South Korea, Italy, Spain, Costa Rica, and more. She enjoys trying new foods, dancing, and spending time with her puppy.

Thursday, April 18th, at 8:00pm
The Purple Rose Theatre
137 Park St., Chelsea, MI


The Purple Rose Theatre will feature Arthur Miller's "All My Sons", directed by Guy Sanville, through the spring season. Michigan Radio listeners have a chance win a pair of tickets to attend this Thursday evening performance.

"How far will a man go to protect his family and his interests? Joe Keller desperately wants to secure the business he spent so many years constructing, ready to hand it down to his son Chris. Joe’s wife Kate is still waiting for their eldest son Larry to return from war, determined that he is alive and will marry the former girl-next-door, Ann –the daughter of Joe’s former business partner. To complicate this family drama, Chris and Ann are in love and want to get married. All My Sons shows a post-war American family in a spiral of lies, greed, love, and loss."

Saturday, April 10, at 7:30pm
Great Cobb Hall, The Wharton Center
750 E Shaw Ln, East Lansing, MI 48824

With twenty Grammy Awards between them, two iconic groups have joined forces in The Summit. In The Summit, The Manhattan Transfer and Take 6 have created musical moments on stage - performing nearly a dozen songs together. Experience the creativity, excitement, and renowned performances that only two such phenomenal groups can bring to one stage. The Manhattan Transfer's jazzy hits range from 1975's "Operator" to 1981's "The Boy from New York City to 1995's "Too Busy Thinking About My Baby". A cappella gospel group Take 6 has more of a soulful sound, with hits including "A Quiet Place," "Biggest Part of Me," and "O Thou That Tellest Good Tidings to Zion."

Monday, April 15, 6:30 -8:00 PM
City Built Brewing
820 Monroe Ave NW, #155, Grand Rapids, Michigan 49503

Join University of Michigan English Professor Anne Curzan and Michigan Radio's Rebecca Kruth, the hosts of That's What They Say, for this fun evening discussing our changing English language and your favorite language pet peeves.

Issues and Ale is an event series from Michigan Radio designed to engage people in conversations about important issues facing our an informal atmosphere.

Issues & Ale panel
Crissy Zamarron / Michigan Radio

Gearing up for the State of the State Address on Feb. 12, our Issues & Ale crew gathered Monday, Feb. 4, at Brewery Becker in Brighton to talk about the new administration in Lansing. Over 100 politically engaged listeners packed into the venue for the entertaining night of local and national politics.