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Imani Mixon

Podcast Trainer / Producer

Imani Mixon is a Detroit-based writer. After graduating from Northwestern University's Medill School of Journalism, she returned to her hometown of Detroit to document its history and resurgence, with a particular focus on neighborhood change.

Last year, she wrote weekly articles about Detroit's North End neighborhood as an On The Ground project editor with Model D Media. Imani will continue to explore the city's rich neighborhood stories through a year long position as a podcast producer/trainer in Detroit's MorningSide neighborhood. You can find her wherever the best conversations or freshest ideas are happening.

Traditional media outlets have enhanced their community presence, oftentimes these communities have established networks of communication, engagement, and in some cases, content production.


Take MorningSide for example. The neighborhood is home to two podcast studios. One belongs to Jonathan “JG” Galloway of Audio Wave Network and another is housed at the Bethany Lutheran Church which is led by Pastor Christopher Bodley.


Mr. Earl's neighborhood

Jun 25, 2018


Long before the city of Detroit rebranded itself, a tight-knit neighborhood on the far east side decided to make a name for itself. The community formerly known as NEAR (Neighborhood East Area Residents) wanted a name that could state their wishes, dreams, hopes and struggles aloud.

In this episode, we meet the founder of the Detroit Artists’ Test Lab, the head of an African American podcast network called Audiowave, neighborhood activists young and old, a closet poet, and the woman who taught The Slide to a generation of skaters at Royal Skateland roller rink.

Have no pity on our souls, ‘cause we don’t want it.

We’re proud, and we flaunt it, like a badge of courage.

We’ve taken blows, but we’re not discouraged.

Been down but never out, and you better know it.

Got scars, warts, and wrinkles, and we ain’t afraid to show it.

Poet and MorningSide resident Derrick Gray

Family photos document memories and milestones in MorningSide.
Ali Lapetina

Over three generations, grandmother Patricia Robinson, mother Tamiko Clark, and daughter DaTrice Clark have lived on the same street in MorningSide. Their family story doubles as a history lesson in the neighborhood.

Welcome to MorningSide 48224, a community podcast. We’re loaning out audio equipment so MorningSide residents can record themselves and conduct interviews to tell their own stories through sound.

Listen to the stories below:

There are a few basic steps journalists take when reporting. Pick a newsworthy topic. Track down the facts. And then talk to people out in the community what they think about it.

But what if you flipped that script?

This year, Michigan Radio is trying something new.

Instead of sending a reporter in to tell stories about MorningSide, we’re inviting the MorningSide community to tell their own stories.

From family histories to local happenings, we want to highlight narratives that feel true and honest to the people who experience the neighborhood every day.

AAA Laundromat & Dry Cleaner located on E Warren Ave in MorningSide, Detroit.
Ali Lapetina

What happens when community members lead the conversation about their community?

MorningSide 48224, a community-led podcast, will endeavor to find out. Instead of unearthing city stories from a distance, Imani Mixon, a Detroit-based and embraced journalist who grew up in MorningSide, will be embedded in the community working closely with residents to produce their own stories about their own experiences.