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Lyse Messmer

Stateside Production Assistant

Lyse (pronounced "lease") grew up in Portland Oregon, where she was surprised to learn as a teen that the radio played music and not just Fresh Air and All Things Considered. While she officially studied painting, history, and urban planning at Brigham Young University, she made a much more comprehensive study of This American Life. After graduation, she moved to Detroit to see what all the Brooklynization was about.

For the past three years, she worked as a graphic designer, unofficial podcast curator, and a novice conversationalist, badgering friends and neighbors with questions to understand the complex dynamics of identity, poverty, race, and spatial politics in Detroit Metro.

Four months ago, she became a real Michigander when she and her husband bought a house (and spent a summer weekend "Up North").

Right back where she started, she lives in a mini-Portland (Ann Arbor) and still forgets that the radio can dial past 91.7 FM.

She is excited to work on Stateside this semester!

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May 18 marks the 90th anniversary of largest school massacre in U.S. history. On that day in 1927, in Bath, Michigan, 38 elementary school children and six adults were killed and nearly 60 others were injured. Andrew Philip Kehoe had packed 100 pounds of dynamite and blown up half of a school. 

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