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Maya Goldman

Newsroom Intern

Maya Goldman is a newsroom intern for Michigan Radio. She is currently a student at the University of Michigan, where she studies anthropology and writing. During the school year, Maya also works as a senior news editor and podcast producer for The Michigan Daily.

Michigan Association of Environmental Professionals

Michigan lawmakers passed a trio of bills Tuesday evening would create a panel to oversee the actions of the state Department of Environmental Quality. The legislation is now on its way to Governor Snyder’s desk.

Jackson 5
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Fifty years ago, five brothers from Gary, Indiana signed a record deal with Detroit’s Motown label.

Next month, the city will honor those brothers — better known as the Jackson 5 — during the Detroit Music Weekend, a four-day-long music festival that aims to showcase all the creativity coming out of the city.

Part of the celebration will include renaming a section of Randolph St. in downtown Detroit after the group's most famous member — Michael Jackson.

Judge's gavel with books

A panel of three judges ruled on Wednesday a gerrymandering lawsuit raised by members of Michigan’s League of Women Voters and several other Democrats will proceed.

The suit was filed in December against the Secretary of State Ruth Johnson, who is the chief election officer of the state. It challenges the congressional and state legislative maps, which the plaintiffs say unfairly benefit Republicans.   

The Secretary of State's office moved to have the case dismissed, saying there were no grounds for a statewide case.