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teenage hosts of the kids these days podcast
Katie Raymond / Michigan Radio

Teenagers. Always on their phones (but don’t know how to make a phone call). Endlessly curating their identities on Instagram. Unprepared for “the real world.” These are some of the stereotypes of Generation Z. But are they accurate? What are young people really thinking about, laughing about, and stressing about right now?

For nearly three months, our team of reporters, producers, hosts, engineers, and more have been working to bring you the news you rely on without interruption. Keeping you informed during the COVID-19 pandemic by bringing you breaking news, thorough analysis, and stories from the frontline has been our number one priority during this challenging time.


We're all adapting to this "new normal," and for our staff of reporters, producers, and hosts, it means discovering new ways to report news from across the state and from the frontlines - sometimes from your closet or with a new cat coworker. Trusted news coverage and thorough, accurate reporting are more important than ever.


mazey perry
Katie Raymond / Michigan Radio


Kids These Days is a podcast hosted by teens, about teens. What we're thinking about, laughing about, and stressing about. This new, limited-run show is a collaboration between Community High School in Ann Arbor and Michigan Radio.


[Download here]


Wearing scrubs and masks that dig deep ridges on their cheeks, working all day and all night tending to the sick in this global coronavirus pandemic, health care workers have been called to become our heroes.

Putting their own health and safety at risk, they work under unimaginable pressure, saving lives, offering comfort and carrying the grief over those who couldn’t be saved.

Michigan Radio is working on a new podcast by and about teens.

Are you a teen? Do you struggle with mental illness? We want to hear your coping mechanisms.

Call 734.408.1753 and leave us a message.

The Michigan Association of Broadcasters has recognized Michigan Radio as Public Radio Station of the Year for the fifth consecutive year. The recognition was announced Wednesday evening at the MAB’s annual Broadcast Excellence Awards held in Lansing.

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104.1 WVGR Grand Rapids is currently off air. We are working on a fix and expect it to be back on air by 3 p.m. Thanks for your patience. 

When your buddies tell you “we like you because you’re not like most black people,” should you throw down or lay low? How do you support your transgender kid when their own sibling thinks transgender is a misguided choice? What makes someone an “other,” anyway? 

Same Same Different tackles these issues and more. Host Bryce Huffman and his guests explore identity and how to survive “otherness” with our full humanity and sanity intact.

In August of 2019, Michigan Radio began an ongoing series investigating what the effects of climate change would be on the future of Michigan. We began the series with a week of coverage kicked off by Stateside host Cynthia Canty interviewing reporter Tracy Samilton about what climate change will mean for Michigan.

Year End Giving

Dec 9, 2019

Capitol Building
Liam James Doyle / NPR

Acting Director of National Intelligence Joseph Maguire is testifying before the House intelligence committee about a whistleblower complaint reportedly connected to President Trump's communication with Ukraine's president. Lawmakers have demanded to see the complaint, which had been withheld.

Host Bryce Huffman and his guests will explore identity and how to survive “otherness” with our full humanity and sanity intact. Same Same Different offers insights on how to be a better, more empathetic friend, family member, colleague, and human in the world.

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