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Tyler reports stories and occasionally hosts overnights for Michigan Radio. He holds a degree in political science from the University of Michigan, where he graduated in 2016. 

Prior to Michigan Radio, Tyler was a sports reporter for The Michigan Daily, morning host at WMLM 1520am in Alma, Michigan, and news intern at WDET in Detroit.

Tyler was born-and-raised in Michigan and still enjoys spending time in Michigan's state parks and nature areas. He also enjoys watching Michigan sports, reading, and binge-listening to music and podcasts. 

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Gov. Rick Snyder

Flint residents impacted by the Flint water crisis are requesting a judge to again add Governor Rick Snyder and other senior officials to the list of defendants in their federal class action lawsuit. The new court filing alleges Snyder and members of his staff knew about the health risks of using water from the Flint River for months before warning the public.

Prison bars
flickr user Thomas Hawk / http://bit.ly/1xMszCg

A former Michigan corrections officer has sued the Michigan Department of Corrections (MDOC), alleging the agency discriminated against her based on sexual orientation and race.

The Livingston Daily Press & Argus reports that Ashley Menchaca, who is Hispanic and gay, worked at the Woodland Center Facility in Whitmore Lake from January 2016 until she resigned May 2017.

In a statement Sunday in the wake of tweets by President Trump, Ford said production of its Focus Active hatchback won’t be coming back to the U.S.

On August 31, Ford announced it was canceling plans to ship the Focus Active to the U.S. from China – citing new tariffs on Chinese imports.

Then on Sunday, Trump tweeted, “This is just the beginning. This car can now be BUILT IN THE U.S.A. and Ford will pay no tariffs!”

EMU's mascot, "Swoop."
Eastern Michigan University

UPDATED 6/17/18 at 10:23 am.

Two female student-athletes at Eastern Michigan University are suing the school, asking the courts to force the school to re-instate the recently disbanded women’s tennis and softball sports programs.

A paintball gun in camoflaged hands
Jim & Rachel McArthur / flickr http://bit.ly/1xMszCg

Detroit police are asking people to stop shooting up the city with paintballs.

Detroit Police Assistant Chief Arnold Williams says police responded to 95 paintball-related calls from residents this week. The trend started as #paintupgunsdown spread on social media. Williams says it was an idea with good intentions that turned sour.

Lindsey Smith
Trisha Zizumbo / Oakland County Health Department

It’s not absolutely necessary to get a hepatitis A vaccination according to state health officials, despite the fact that Michigan is in the midst of a hepatitis A outbreak and Indiana recently cautioned residents to get the vaccine if they plan to visit the Great Lakes state, or other parts of the country dealing with an outbreak of hep A, over the summer. 

a statue of CMU's insignia

Central Michigan University Journalism Professor Timothy Boudreau has several times over the years invited controversial, or perhaps downright offensive guests to speak to his classes. Tuesday, members of the Westboro Baptist Church and a Satanic activist who was formerly a spokesperson for the Satanic Temple of Detroit will visit Boudreau’s Law of Mass Communication class. Boudreau says the point is to underline the importance of the First Amendment. 

user Ben Re / Flickr

Republican state Senator Rick Jones says he’s working on bills to make it more difficult to rent hand guns at shooting ranges, and add some reporting requirements if a person trying to buy guns fails a background check.

Chiefly, Jones wants gun rentals to require a background check.  

two women at a long desk with papers in front of them.
Tyler Scott

Ypsilanti city council Tuesday night decided not to censure Mayor Amanda Edmonds for ethical concerns related to a developer-funded trip to China that Edmonds and other city officials took last fall.

A censure resolution failed by one vote. The council did decide to send Michigan State Police the findings of an independent investigation that discovered the source of funding for the trip.

Back in April, a row of picketers advocate for EMU's four eliminated sports teams.
Tyler Scott

Eastern Michigan University student athletes, some faculty members and athletics supporters led a rally in Ypsilanti last night protesting the university’s recent decision to eliminate four sports teams.

Chris Poland is a wrestler at EMU, and a junior who says he didn’t see the cuts coming. He says the wrestling team just wrapped up a successful season. It was at a 7:30 a.m. meeting back in March when Poland and other athletes first learned their programs: wrestling, men’s swimming, women’s tennis and softball would no longer continue after the 2018 season.

“We really honestly went from cloud nine to just [having] our faces in the dirt. It’s heartbreaking,” Poland said. “For them to make those cuts without consulting anyone … it is absolutely insane to me.”

Water faucet
user william_warby / Flickr http://bit.ly/1xMszCg

Groundwater and a few dozen private wells near Battle Creek Air National Guard base will be tested for PFAS contamination beginning Monday.

The family of toxic chemicals, known as PFAS, has been linked to certain forms of cancer as well as other health issues. The chemicals can be found in a wide  variety of commercial products. For decades, The Air Force used a firefighting foam that contains two specific types of PFAS at bases across the country, including at the Battle Creek base.

In 2016, the Environmental Protection Agency established a Lifetime Health Advisory Level of 70 parts per trillion for exposure to those specific PFAS chemicals: PFOS and PFOA.  

A birds-eye view of the Water Street property owned by the city of Ypsilanti
City of Ypsilanti

A developer of a failed housing development proposal in Ypsilanti paid for four Ypsilanti city officials to travel to China last year.

Ypsilanti city attorney John Barr previously told city officials it would be illegal and a violation of the city’s ethics ordinance to accept payment for the trip from a developer.

A homeless man next to a garbage bag under a tree
Flickr/Elvert Barnes / http://bit.ly/1xMszCg

A Detroit non-profit that helps people who are homeless or facing eviction is losing a major chunk of its funding.

Ted Phillips, director of United Community Housing Coalition, says the Department of Housing and Urban development (HUD) isn’t renewing two grants UCHC relies on for 40% of its annual funding.

“We’ve had a housing placement program the entire time that I’ve been here since 1986. And the thought of that being lost is just devastating,” Phillips said.

A young kid smiling, speaking with a politician in a suit
Tyler Scott

Democratic candidates for Michigan’s 11th Congressional District were cheered at a crowded town hall at a Library in Novi on Saturday for embracing gun control reform measures as a part of their campaign.

There were several of the so-called “Town Hall for Our Lives” events in Michigan, and dozens around the nation this weekend, continuing the heightened calls for gun control measures in the wake of February’s Parkland, Florida school shooting.

Christian Cross
Waiting For The Word / Flickr CC /

A Catholic priest in the Marquette diocese is on administrative leave after a recent allegation of sexual misconduct.

The diocese says Father Frank M. Lenz has been removed from public ministry as a precautionary measure while the allegation is investigated. The diocese says the complaint was reported to the Marquette County Prosecutor’s office, which did not immediately return a request for comment.

A diocese press release calls the allegation a "credible complaint" alleging sexual misconduct by Lenz with a minor dating back to the 1970s. Lenz denies the allegation.

Bryan Fuller / mgoblog

Villanova won its second national championship in three years Monday night as it defeated the University of Michigan 79-62 in the NCAA Division I men’s basketball national championship game.

Teacher at a chalkboard
Jennifer Guerra / Michigan Radio

If a bill headed to the state Senate becomes law, ballots could not disclose when charter schools stand to be recipients of proposed countywide school funding millages.

In February, Governor Rick Snyder signed a change in Michigan law allowing charter schools to share regional enhancement millage revenue – taxpayer money – with traditional public schools.

A football field.
user: Michael Knight / Flickr http://bit.ly/1xMszCg

In 2015, back when Destin Julian was a junior on the Hamady High School varsity football team, he took a hard hit to the head, and seemed dazed.

“He was a little bit out on his feet, as it was described,” said David Shiener, Julian's attorney. “And at that point he should be monitored.”

Flickr User Justin Marty / Flickr

Microsoft Corporation and a rural broadband company want to bring broadband internet access to more people living in remote parts of Wisconsin and Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.

Microsoft is collaborating with Packerland Broadband, based in Iron Mountain, Michigan, on an initiative to extend broadband internet service to more than 80,000 people mostly in northeast Wisconsin, but also across the Upper Peninsula.

A gun lying on a table with bullets around it.
Daniel Weber / Flickr

State lawmakers might soon consider bills that would let courts temporarily take guns away from gun owners they considered to be dangerous to other people or themselves.

Potholes are only part of the challenge for motorists trying to survive Michigan's aging roadways
Steve Carmody / Michigan Radio

A snowy winter mixed with a few recent warmer days could make for a particularly nasty pothole season in Michigan.

A Michigan Department of Transportation spokesperson says more people seem to be calling the state’s pipeline hotline this year. So far, more than 500 people have reported problems on roads across the state using the hotline.

Flickr/jnn1776 / http://michrad.io/1LXrdJM

A group of parents and people supporting students at Catholic Schools in the Diocese of Lansing are continuing to protest a school rule that students must stand for the national anthem. They’re encouraging people to “divest” by ceasing to volunteer, donate or raise money for the diocese. Four Lansing Catholic High School football players sparked the controversy in the fall of 2016 when they began kneeling during the national anthem at football games.

The four Democrats hoping to be next elected Governor of Michigan. (Left to right) businessman Shri Thanedar, Former Detroit Health Department Director Abdul El-Sayed, former state lawmaker Gretchen Whitmer (standing) and former Xerox executive and Detroi
Tyler Scott

The four Democrats vying to be Michigan’s next governor each in some way supported increasing state investment in infrastructure and job training programs, and generally embraced policy positions friendly to the crowd of labor union officials and rank-and-file members at a town hall Wednesday afternoon in Warren.

Former state lawmaker and Democratic candidate Gretchen Whitmer said in order to convince people who voted for Donald Trump to elect a Democrat governor in November, she’ll support programs to address the issues Michiganders deal with everyday.  

a screen grab of a tweet by State house democratic leader Sam Singh calling for Ferguson's resignation.

Updated 11:02am 1/24:

Michigan State University Trustee Joel Ferguson is apologizing for comments he made about the Larry Nassar sexual abuse case on a radio show earlier in the week. Ferguson's spokeswoman, Kelly Rossman-McKinney, released a statement late Tuesday evening that was obtained by Michigan Radio Wednesday. 

DPSCD Superintendent Nikolai Vitti
Detroit Public Schools Community District

Principals and assistant principals in Detroit Public Schools Community District could soon get their first raises in nearly a decade. Monday the district’s school board’s finance committee approved the proposed increase – a priority for Superintendent Nikolai Vitti.

“One of our many strategies in rebuilding the district is to recruit and retain the best talent, and salary pays a role in that,” Vitti said.

CMU outgoing president George E. Ross
Courtesy of CMU

The president of Central Michigan University today announced he will resign at the end of July. George E. Ross says his contract doesn’t expire until 2019, but he and his wife had discussed stepping down sometime sooner. He made up his mind, he says, after the birth of his grandson in December.

“[In the hospital] he squeezed his little ... fingers around mine, and I’m going, ‘This is pretty special.’ I kind of liked it,” Ross said.

Neeta Lind / Flickr

Several medical marijuana businesses in Detroit are suing the city for failing to process permit applications. Attorney Michael Stein says he represents around 20 local medical marijuana businesses. He says he filed complaints on behalf of several clients Tuesday, asking the courts to force the city to issue decisions on the permit applications.

Stein says Detroit’s new medical marijuana ordinances are designed for businesses to get approval as long as they meet necessary requirements. He says several clients have submitted applications, only to have them ignored by city officials.

The state began accepting permit applications for medical marijuana facilities on December 15. Medical marijuana businesses that have already been operating can stay open while their state application is pending – as long as they receive local government approval and apply to the state by February 15.

BCPS Northwestern Middle School
Courtesy Battle Creek Public Schools / Courtesy Battle Creek Public Schools

Early in the morning on a snowy Wednesday, eighth grade student Xzavionna Reed is eating breakfast at a table across from her teacher. She’s the only student in the room. It’s a new type of classroom at Battle Creek Public Schools (BCPS); an initiative focused on giving more emotional and social support to students who have struggled with regulating their own behavior, and been in trouble because of it.

scales of justice
North Charleston / Creative Commons http://michrad.io/1LXrdJM

A former Detroit Police Department Deputy Chief and legal advisor today pleaded guilty to accepting bribe money from the owner of a towing company.

Celia Washington’s attorney says Washington accepted $3,000 from Gasper Fiore more than two years ago, initially believing she was taking a loan from a friend.

The Lansing Board of Water and Light Monday announced plans for a new natural gas power plant. The $500 million project will break ground a year from now and come online in the first quarter of 2021.

Lansing Board of Water and Light General Manager Dick Peffley says an older, dirtier, less efficient coal-powered plant is scheduled to be retired in 2020. Retiring the coal plant and building a cleaner, new natural gas plant is part of the utility’s plan to generate 30 percent of its electricity from cleaner energy sources by 2020. Peffley says they’re on schedule to hit that mark.