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The state's Human Trafficking Commission has announced more than 30 legislative recommendations mainly focused on prostitution. The recommendations include decreasing the penalties for those providing sexual activities and increasing the penalties for those purchasing it, as well as replacing the word "prostitution" in the penal code with the term "commercial sexual activity." 

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The Detroit City Council voted on Tuesday to extend a moratorium on selling recreational marijuana in the city. The moratorium, which was initially set to end on January 31, has been extended while the city drafts an ordinance to regulate the industry. 

Detroit City Councilman James Tate says regulation is important to ensure the industry is accessible to Detroit residents.

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A change in technology is forcing the Michigan Department of Corrections to upgrade the ankle monitors of the more than 4,000 parolees and others under state monitoring in Michigan. 

The current monitors operate on the soon-to-be defunct Verizon 3G network, which is being upgraded to 4G. The change is expected to cost the state $4.6 million says Chris Gautz, the Department's Public Information Officer. 

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The state of Michigan is asking Enbridge Energy for more information about its oil and natural gas liquids pipeline that runs through the Straits of Mackinac.

The director of the Michigan Department of Natural Resources sent a letter this week to Enbridge, asking for detailed information about the more than 60-year-old Line 5. The director issued a 30-day deadline for Enbridge to provide the data.