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Pure Michigan campaign gets funding

The Pure Michigan campaign is a good investment in Governor Snyder's eyes.

Governor Rick Snyder signed full funding into law for the Pure Michigan ad campaign.

He signed the funding plan at the Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn today, saying his plan to pay for the Pure Michigan ad campaign through a venture capital fund will work this year and next year.

He says he will continue to evaluate the effectiveness of the ad campaign over the next two years:

“I’m the metrics and dashboard person, so we’re going to focus on metrics and dashboards on everything we do,” said Snyder. "In a relative sense, this [Pure Michigan campaign] has been very successful. If you look at the dollars coming in, in terms of tax revenue to our state, versus cost, this is almost $3 for every $1 we spent - where the film industry is about 28 cents on the dollar.”

Snyder has come under a lot of criticism for trying to get rid of Michigan’s film industry credits.

The money for the Pure Michigan campaign comes from a venture capital fund, and Snyder says his plan is to pay for the ad campaign the same way next year.

But even if the ad campaign is covered for the next two years, the Legislature has yet to identify a permanent funding source going into the future.

Snyder says he’s not worried about that right now, saying it was most urgent to make sure the campaign was on the air through this year.

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