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State Senate panel sends three gun bills to full chamber

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Steve Carmody
Michigan Radio

A state Senate panel has sent three gun-related bills to the Senate floor.

One bill would exempt guns made, sold, and kept in Michigan from federal regulations. It’s a reaction to recent gun control proposals from the Obama Administration.

Democratic state Senator Steve Bieda voted against the bill. He said it worries him that even some supporters of the measure admit it might not be constitutional.

“The federal regulations or laws aren’t even out there yet. So we’re reacting to something, the sponsor’s reacting to something, that’s not there yet. And it just seems like we’re buying a lawsuit without knowing what we’re buying a lawsuit for,” said Bieda.

Supporters say it’s an important assertion of state sovereignty.

“Just because there might be a fight doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t proceed, because the states at this point in history are being treated more or less by the federal government as, if not completely inconsequential, at least as largely irrelevant,” said Steve Dulan of the Michigan Coalition for Responsible Gun Owners.

The panel also approved two other gun-related bills.

One would remove some information about guns and their owners from public information requests. Another makes state laws regarding gun dealers consistent with federal regulations.

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