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Morning News Roundup: Deadly crash, right-to-work suit, and Detroit's parks crisis

Morning News Roundup, Thursday, Oct. 13, 2011
User: Brother O'Mara
Morning News Roundup, Thursday, Oct. 13, 2011

Deadly Pileup Leaves Three Dead

Southeastern Michigan is waking up to calmer weather this morning, and hopefully, safer driving.

A massive 30 vehicle pileup on I-75 Thursday morning killed two children and one adult. At least 20 others are injured, and several were hospitalized.

The silver lining in this tragedy is that one child who was originally reported dead actually survived the crash, according to the Detroit News.

The crashes, which occurred shortly after 9 a.m., closed the expressway for much of Thursday. Fenders, glass and other debris were scattered across the highway.

As ambulance sirens wailed, shell-shocked motorists huddled outside their cars, talking on cellphones to loved ones and comforting each other.

ACLU Sues To Block Right-to-Work Law

Lawyers for the ACLU are joining with union leaders, asking the court to overturn Michigan’s controversial new right-to-work law.

They say the way that legislation was passed is illegal, because members of the public were shut out of the debate when the capitol doors were locked on December 6th.

TheDetroit Free Press quotes Kary Moss, executive director of ACLU Michigan:

 “Rushing controversial bills through a lame-duck session is a bad way to make public policy under the best of circumstances; doing so while the public is shut out of the debate every step of the way is illegal and shameful.”

Bing to announce big cuts, park closings today

Now that a deal to turn Belle Isle into a state park appears dead, Detroit Mayor Dave Bing is expected to announce devastating cuts to the city’s parks system.

Specifics are still spotty, but the Detroit Free Press recalls Bing’s previous proposal in 2010 to slash the parks and recreation budget by closing 77 parks:

At the time, park officials said closing a park means removing trash receptacles and older equipment, placing closed signs around the property and barricading the parking lots. A compromise was eventually reached, and the parks remained open.

Earlier this week, the Detroit city council failed to approve a deal to give the state temporary control over Belle Isle.

Governor Snyder consequently withdrew an offer to pour millions of dollars into upgrading the park, since the city can’t afford the upkeep on its own.  

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