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Week in review

Michigan Radio's Rina Miller spoke with our Political Analyst about the big news stories this week.

Some big new state laws took effect this week. Let’s start with the latest in the emergency manager tug-of-war. It’s unwelcome law in places like Detroit and,  of course, there are lawsuits.  Lessenberry says its not clear yet whether there will be a long legal wrangle ahead. He says legal expert Robert Sedler told him that the lawsuits may have some standing as people are being disenfranchised in Detroit, yet other say cities are legal divisions of the state and the state has every right to do this. Lesseberry says "it isn't clear how long this will go on and whether it will stop anything."

Another new law that sparked a bitter fight: the state’s so-called “right-to-work” law. We saw a poll this week that says the state’s pretty split on whether this law will be good for Michigan.  Lessenberry says "the poll probably shows common sense because people really don't know how this is all going to play out." He thinks it will probably take a major union contract negotiation such as will the auto companies to gain an understanding about what the law really means for the state.

We’re hearing that Debbie Dingell could have a shot for retiring U.S. Senator Carl Levin’s job. Lessenberry says Ms. Dingell has a known name, but Lessenberry says Gary Peters is the Democratic establishment's choice to fill the seat.