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Low-income residents in Detroit were told to get out by May 20

Mercedes Mejia

Update 2:37 p.m.

It appears the low-income residents in the Cass Corridor will have more time to find a new place.

From Louis Aguilar of the Detroit News:

The owner of three Cass Corridor apartment buildings who planned to kick out the low-income residents in 30 days has softened his approach. The residents now have until the end of June to leave. They've also been offered two months free rent as they search for new places to live.

Wednesday, April 24th, 10:41 a.m.

Louis Aguilar of the Detroit News reports the residents were "abruptly notified" last Friday that they had to move out of their apartments by May 20. The tenants live in three apartment buildings in Detroit's Cass Corridor.

The buildings are being sold, and not much is known about the buyer, but there's suspicion the sale has to do with a proposed $650 million complex in downtown Detroit.

More from the Detroit News:

Residents in each affected apartment building, a total of 96 units, said they received a three-sentence letter in their mailboxes Friday informing them that Mercier has signed an agreement to sell. It doesn't name the new owner. "And the new owner has requested that all of the apartments be vacated," states the letter. Along with the letters, the residents were given a state document to vacate, the step prior to eviction.

Aguilar reports another letter was sent that apologized for the short notice. The News could not reach the owner for comment.

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