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Michigan earns a C in 'State of Women' report

A new report gave Michigan a C in terms of the well being of the state's women. 

The Center for American Progress report looked at nine different measures to determine how states in the U.S. ranked — including congressional representation, the number of women in management roles, and wage gaps.

One area where Michigan fell flat: female leadership. Michigan earned a C- for its relative lack of women in decision-making roles.

According to the report, women hold 12.5% of Michigan’s U.S. congressional seats. In the state Legislature — where women have historically made more gains in earning seats — women hold 18.9% of the seats.

For minority women, the picture is bleaker: out of all those elected to represent Michigan in Congress, the state Legislature or statewide executive positions, only 1.2% are minority women.

Here are some of Michigan’s other rankings from the report:

  • 38.33% of management jobs are held by women.
  • For every dollar a white man makes, Michigan women earn $0.74.
  • 18.5% of women in Michigan live in poverty. For African American women, that statistic hovers around 37.3%

- Melanie Kruvelis, Michigan Radio Newsroom

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