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Utterly confused by Proposal 1? We've got answers

people in voting booths
Steve Carmody
Michigan Radio

When you step into the voting booth tomorrow, one of the things you’ll be looking at is Proposal 1.

The proposal asks voters to approve a tax policy change, but the language is very confusing.

Michigan Radio staff have been examining the proposal. Here's a brief summary of their reporting and analysis pieces, to answer questions you might still have before heading to the polls tomorrow.

Mark Brush explained Proposal 1 and tackled these questions:

  • What is the proposal all about?
  • What’s problematic with the language of the proposal?
  • What do “yes” and “no” votes mean?
  • What is "personal property tax"?
  • How will it affect local business and communities?
  • Who’s in favor of a “yes”/"no" vote on the proposal?
  • What will happen if the proposal wins/fails?

Rick Pluta took a look at the motivation for Proposal 1 and featured perspectives from local business owners and local governments.

Steve Carmody reported on this $8 million campaign supporting Proposal 1. 

Listen to this interview Lester Graham had with Rick Pluta and the Citizens Research Council of Michigan, a nonpartisan non-profit group, for a detailed analysis and interpretation on the proposal. Some of the questions he asked:

  • How much revenue will the state lose, if the proposal is passed?
  • What's with the state use tax?
  • Why is the proposal going to local voters?
  • Why are we putting this vote in a primary election?
  • Why is the language of the ballot so confusing?
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