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Politics & Government

Stateside for Thursday, July 9, 2015



Today on Stateside:

  • House Bill 4183 would move public notices from the pages of your newspaper to the pages of your Web browser. Lindsay VanHulle talks with us about whether it’s time to take public notices digital.
  • The Motor City Blight Busters are developing the Veteran’s Village Center, a place that will offer housing and support for vets returning from combat in the Middle East. President and founder John George tells about their work.
  • Don Faber tells us about “Locating the Lost Peninsula” in his recent piece for Michigan History Magazine.
  • Kelley Clink’s brother’s suicide in 2004 sent on her on a journey of guilt, and left her with the feeling that she may be to blame. Her new memoir, A Different Kind of Same, turns what starts as a story of guilt and anger into one of personal redemption.
  • The world is watching as the Greek financial meltdown continues. Daniel Howes tells us their experience is similar to one we had in Detroit not too long ago.
  • The way civilians talk to veterans matters. But what about the way we talk about them? Jason Hale is a veteran of two wars, and he has a message for the media: we’re not all broken.