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Flint residents will vote in the city's chaotic mayoral primary next week

This photo gives you a sense for why the pig was called "Giggles."
Giggles the Pig for Flint Mayor

Flint's mayoral race has been one to watch this year. An incorrect deadline given by the city clerk led to an almost completely write-in election that brought us the campaign of Giggles the pig.

The legislature eventually stepped in and there are now four candidates on the ballot. Next week Flint voters will finally get to go to the polls for the city's August 4 mayoral primary.

But the chaos isn't completely over. Michigan Radio's Steve Carmody, who has been covering the election, says that while the ballot only lists four names, multiple write-in campaigns have been launched –  including one this week by current City Councilwoman Monica Galloway.

"We have a plethora of people running," Carmody says.

One such person is incumbent mayor Dayne Walling. Walling has served as mayor through the city's water problems and state oversight.

"There's a lot of baggage that he has to address as mayor," Carmody says, and Walling has spent much more money than any other candidate to try to battle this image.

Another candidate of interest is city councilman Wantwaz Davis. Davis is a a convicted felon who served almost 20 years in state prison for murder. This information only came out after he was elected.

Carmody says Davis never concealed this information, but the press simply didn't discover enough about his background before the election. Now, Davis is upfront about his past, and Carmody says Davis often expresses how much he wants to help his community.

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