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Stateside for Wednesday, Sept. 30, 2015



Today on Stateside:

  • Game day is a rite of passage on college campuses. Sure, there’s a football game and thousands pour into the on-campus stadium, but both pre- and post-game the centerpiece is lots and lots of alcohol.
  • Sometimes bodies that turn up with no identification get buried in nameless graves. But some John and Jane Does have a digital afterlife on a government database. Anyone can search it, and sometimes amateur, armchair detectives end up solving cases that stumped police.
  • Chris DuPont is out with a new album. The singer/songwriter lives in Ypsilanti and a year ago found himself coping with depression and questioning his faith. He talks with us today about his renewed outlook on life and the inspiration behind his new album.
  • What does it truly mean to be a public servant? You’ll get the answer in the new book The People’s Lawyer: The Life and Times of Frank J. Kelley, the Nation’s Longest-Serving Attorney General, co-written by Michigan Radio’s own Jack Lessenberry.