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Rev. Jesse Jackson holds a rally on Flint water and other issues

Steve Carmody
Michigan Radio

Flint’s drinking water crisis continues to draw national attention. 

The Reverend Jesse Jackson held a rally at a Flint church today. 

Jackson says the city’s lead tainted drinking water has turned Flint into a “crime scene”.

“The people of Flint have been betrayed,” says Jackson, “They have been given poisoned water and told it was pure, healthy when it was corrosive and sick.”

Some people who took the pulpit at the Heavenly Host Church of the Harvest on Flint’s north side made their case in language that was more blunt. 

“Somebody needs to go to jail!,” former Flint mayor Woodrow Stanley shouted, and was thunderously applauded by the congregation. 

Rev. Jackson agreed people need to be held accountable. But he insists Flint has greater needs. 

Jackson says fixing Flint’s water is only part of the answer.  He says the city needs help to rebuild economically and to reduce violent crime.  

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