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Young Republican calls on country to unite, root for Trump’s success

Mercedes Mejia
Michigan Radio

As president of the College Republicans at the University of Michigan, Enrique Zalamea worked hard to get out the vote for Donald Trump.

He said Trump represents the American, Christian and Republican values he believes in.

But not everyone agrees.

To those people, Zalamea said, “It’s not so much the candidate himself.”

“Even if there are some issues that I disagree with him on – some policy issues, some of the rhetoric that I disagree with – I still believe that bringing Donald Trump into the White House would bring in an entire cabinet, and an entire administration of Republicans that would uphold those values that I believe in.” 

One value he’s talking about is Right-to-Life. Other important issues to Zalamea include job creation and cuts on taxes to businesses.

He said people who fear what’s ahead as Trump takes the presidency “need to give it a chance.”

“This is our president right now and I think it would be completely incorrect, regardless of your opinion, to want to see our president fail,” he said. “We should be united together as an American people to really root for his success and root for the success of this country.”

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