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Activists continue to call for MSP chief’s removal


Gov. Rick Snyder has suspended Michigan State Police’s Colonel Kriste Etue’s pay for five days. But activists continue to call for her removal.

Members of the liberal group Progress Michigan delivered a petition to Governor Rick Snyder’s office. It was signed by almost 85,000 people across the United States.

This comes after Etue shared a meme on Facebook that called NFL players who kneel during the National Anthem “degenerates.” Etue apologized.

State Rep. Leslie Love, D-Detroit, says the Colonel should still be removed from her position.

“'Cause she’s the leader of the Michigan State Police at a time in our life where things are so fragile," said Love. "The racial issues here. And we see it every day.”

The liberal group Progress Michigan helped create the petition. The group's Denzel McCampbell says Etue’s apology and the punishment are not sufficient.

“She shared the post and what this says is that it really calls into her judgment as the head of a police force that serves the diverse communities across the state,” McCampbell said.

A spokesperson for the Michigan State Police said the colonel will not make any additional statements. A representative from Snyder’s office accepted the petition and says they will review it.

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