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Stateside: Amash says two-party system is broken; Michigan’s tech scene; future of manufacturing

Coding on a screen.
No longer the stuff of science fiction, more businesses are finding artificial intelligence essential to their work.

Today on Stateside, why West Michigan Congressman Justin Amash made the decision to leave the Republican Party, and what he thinks he'll accomplish as an independent. Plus, what the future of the manufacturing sector in Michigan will look like as technology continues to transform how we make things. 

Listen to the full show above or find individual segments below. 

Amash: Trump is a symptom of a broken political system, not the cause

Stateside’s conversation with Justin Amash

  • Congressman Justin Amash has represented West Michigan’s 3rd Congressional District since 2011. In an op-ed published in the Washington Post on the July 4th, he announced that he would be leaving the Republican Party and defining himself instead as an independent. Amash joined Stateside to talk about that decision, his thoughts on the two-party system, and what he thinks Donald Trump's re-election in 2020 would mean for the country. 

Why a successful A.I. startup chose to stay in Michigan 

Stateside’s conversation with Lingjia Tang

  • Artificial intelligence was once the stuff of science fiction, but today it's part of everyday life. You can ask Siri to call your mom or tell Alexa to reorder toilet paper. A.I. is also becoming increasingly essential to businesses. Ann-Arbor based Clinc A.I. recently raised more than $50 million dollars in investment to expand their efforts to create customized A.I. programs for businesses.

  • Lingjia Tang is co-founder and COO of Clinc A.I. She tells us about the problems her business seeks to solve with A.I., why they decided to stay in Michigan instead of leaving for the East or West coast, and how the state can attract more tech entrepreneurs.

Americans not confident about future of U.S. manufacturing, says new survey 

Stateside’s conversation with Darrell West

  • A new Brookings Institution survey shows Americans value manufaturing as a vital part of the U.S. economy, but they aren't confident about its future of the industry in the U.S. Darrell West is vice president of Governance Studies at Brookings and the author of The Future of Work: Robots, AI, and Automation. He breaks down the key findings and takeaways from the survey, and tells us what states like Michigan should know about the future of manufacturing. 

How tech is changing Michigan's manufaturing future

Stateside’s conversation with Mike Coast and Sandy Baruah

  • Many of Michigan’s business leaders have thought a lot about the future of manufacturing. Mike Coast is the president of the Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center, and Sandy Baruah is president and CEO of the Detroit Regional Chamber of Commerce. They talk to Stateside about how workers and executives in the manufacturing sector view the future, and what the changes in the industry mean for the state’s overall economic health. 

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