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2,500 apply for city of Detroit jobs

Mar 1, 2014

On Friday 1400 people applied for the 350 jobs the City of Detroit is offering. On Saturday another 1100 submitted applications.
Credit Lester Graham / Michigan Radio

About 2,500 people showed up to apply for new city of Detroit jobs during a two-day job fair at Cobo Hall on Friday and Saturday.

On average, more than seven people applied for each job available.

Michael Hall is Detroit’s Director of Human Resources and Labor Relations.

“You know, we had 350 jobs that we listed. Anything from a GED to a CPA we’re looking for. So, we’ve had great candidates come through and some of those people will be called back for future interviews,” Hall said.

The city needs mechanics, bus drivers, emergency medical technicians, computer experts and more. It’s all part of an effort to improve the city’s services as Detroit works its way through bankruptcy.

John Bryson is one of the applicants.

“I’m applying for just about anything I can get my hands on," he laughed, adding, "the Finance Department, the Public Transit Department, Public Works.”

Director Hall couldn’t say when the city would be making the first hires.

“It’s hard to say. We have to vet all these folks and it’s going to take us time to get it done. So, I can’t give you a commitment on that,” Hall explained.

Veterans and Detroit residents will be given preference in the hiring process.

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