After move to rehab center, teen declared brain dead passes away | Michigan Radio

After move to rehab center, teen declared brain dead passes away

Jan 27, 2020

Credit Beaumont Health

Updated January 27, 2020 at 11:35 a.m.:

The Detroit Free Press has reported that four days after being transferred to a new facility, Titus Cromer has passed away. 

Original post January 23, 2020:

Titus Cromer Jr. was transferred on Monday from Beaumont Hospital to a mid-Michigan rehabilitation facility.

Beaumont had previously declared the teenager brain dead. But two outside doctors disagreed.

Cromer's mother sued to prevent Beaumont from removing her son from life support.

The transfer took place after Beaumont arranged for the performance of a tracheostomy and feeding tube procedure as ordered by a federal court. 

Jim Rasor, the lawyer for Cromer and his mother, says the medical procedures enabled the transfer. 

"We're very comfortable now that there's a transfer that his rehabilitation will move forward very aggressively," says Rasor.

"The next battle is should Michigan have this statute that doesn't give a person due process before they're stripped of their status as a living person," Rasor says.

Rasor says Cromer's family has not yet decided whether to continue its challenge of Michigan's Determination of Death statute.

In a written statement, a Beaumont spokesman said, "We are pleased Titus' family identified another facility to which he was transferred. We continue to have genuine compassion and empathy for his family and hope they are able to find peace."

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