After two years, Michigan folk musician Chris Bathgate is back on stage with new songs

Oct 9, 2014

Chris Bathgate
Credit User: Chris Bathgate / facebook

Michigan does not seem to have a shortage of indie folk musicians and bands. 

Stateside's Emily Fox sat down with one folk musician who's back on the scene after a two-year hiatus from the stage.

Chris Bathgate is an Ann Arbor-area musician who spent a long time traveling the state and the country playing his music. Sometimes he comes with a full band with percussion and electric base and fiddle backing him up. Sometimes it's just him with guitar, a loop machine, and snare drum. 

Bathgate says after the two-year break, he feels invigorated to be back. 

"A lot of it comes from new material. With new material comes a new love for performing and sharing these songs," says Bathgate.

Bathgate will be on tour this month playing in Michigan cities including Holland, Grand Rapids, Traverse City, Mount Pleasant and Lansing. 

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