Ahead of recall vote, Flint mayor stresses positives in State of the City address

Oct 17, 2017

Flint’s mayor delivered her State of the City address last night.

At times, it sounded like a campaign stump speech.

Mayor Karen Weaver focused on positive developments over the past year in a city usually associated with problems. During the mayor’s 40-plus minute speech, she talked about economic development, lower crime rates and improving city services. 

Weaver also stressed the need to continue to recover from the city’s drinking water crisis.

“I will unapologetically speak near and far, high and low, until we receive the resources necessary to make the improvements and repairs that need to be made to our damaged water system,” Weaver told the audience. 

A few people in the audience last night are among the candidates challenging Weaver in next month’s recall election. Flint voters will have 18 candidates, including incumbent mayor Karen Weaver, to choose from on the November 7 recall ballot. The candidate with the highest number of votes wins.

Weaver did not directly mention the recall vote in her speech, although her supporters handed out fliers to people exiting city hall after the speech.