Airbnb strikes hotel tax deal with Kent County | Michigan Radio

Airbnb strikes hotel tax deal with Kent County

Jul 18, 2018

Airbnb will assess a 5% county tax in Kent County
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It will be a little more expensive from now on to rent a room, apartment or house through Airbnb in Kent County.   

The county assesses a 5% hotel tax to pay for its convention center, but Airbnb users didn't have to pay it until now. 

Airbnb allows people to rent a room in their home to travelers, or rent their whole apartment or house. 

County officials say the deal levels the playing field for hotels, and will bring in up to $100,000 more a year in tax revenue. The county uses the hotel tax to pay off a bond that funded the construction of its convention center.

The new county tax is on top of a 6% state tax that Airbnb agreed to pay the state of Michigan last year.

Airbnb recently also agreed to charge Genesee County's hotel tax.