Alumni plan to protest proposed sale of Michigan's School for the Deaf

Michigan state senators will briefly gavel themselves back into session Wednesday morning, so they can fix some minor language problems in a few bills. 

But, they will likely hear from people opposed to one proposal to sell Michigan’s School for the Deaf. 

Alumni of the School for the Deaf in Flint plan to be in Lansing Wednesday to voice their opposition to the sale of school to a private developer. The developer is offering the state $1.3 million for the 85 acre site. The developer plans to build a new school for the deaf and lease the site back to the state for 2 million dollars a year.   Plans also call for construction of a private school on the site.

Supporters say this is a good deal, because the old school needs to be replaced and the state couldn’t afford to do it itself. But school alumni say it’s a bad deal. 

The state house and senate both approved the legislation, but a mistake in the senate version is keeping the legislation from reaching the governor’s desk.

Today’s session is intended to approve an amended version of the bill. The governor supports the sale.