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Amir Hekmati: One year later

Jan 16, 2017

A year ago, a Flint man walked free from an Iranian prison cell after being held for four years on spying charges.

Amir Hekmati continues to move on with his life.

He posted a note on his Facebook page thanking everyone who’s helped him and his family get through the “difficult times” they’ve faced in the last five years.

These days, Hekmati is taking college courses near his home in Flint.  

At one point, the retired U.S. Marine, who had traveled to Iran to visit family, faced a death sentence for allegedly spying for the United States.   Hekmati denies being a spy. 

The Iranians released Hekmati and three other Americans as part of a prisoner exchange with the U.S. 

The release also coincided with the U.S. unfreezing Iranian assets held in limbo for nearly 40 years.  The U.S. and Iran also reached a deal concerning the country's nuclear research program. 

Hekmati is suing the Iranian government. 

In his Facebook post, Hekmati tries to reach out to others facing their own crisis.

Know that when you've reached a point where you've decided you just can't go any further, or handle anymore, that you've only just reached the starting point of what you are capable of…