Ann Arbor-based non-profit is dedicated to building links between homeless, 'homeful'

Feb 10, 2014

It's called "Mission A2" – short for Michigan Itinerant Shelter System Interdependent  Out of Necessity. This Ann Arbor-based nonprofit is dedicated to building links between homeless and what it calls "homeful" Washtenaw County residents. One of its key activities has been running a series of rotating tent cities for the homeless.

But now, Mission A2 is taking things to a new level. They're partnering to buy land and build a permanent settlement called Homeward Bound, a place for Ann Arbor's homeless to begin the process of rebuilding confidence and their lives.

How will Homeward Bound work? And what can other communities learn from this?

We're joined by Brian Durrance, the president of Mission A2.