Ann Arbor may use sharp shooters to thin deer | Michigan Radio

Ann Arbor may use sharp shooters to thin deer

May 15, 2015

Ann Arbor may curb its deer numbers with sharp shooters.

Ann Arbor administrators have released a report that recommends using sharp shooters to help manage the city's deer population.

This comes after some Ann Arbor residents complained deer were damaging their landscaping and gardens. Residents also expressed concern over health risks and deer-vehicle accidents.

Most of the complaints were concentrated in the north and east side of the city.

If the city decides to move forward with the plan, Ann Arbor would hire specially trained shooters to kill a portion of the city's deer each year.

Sumedh Bahl, community services administrator, said residents would be given plenty of notice.

"That's to address safety," he said. "This is one of the things we heard when we did the public meetings, that safety was a concern."

The report also recommends the city ban feeding deer and provide deer management materials and resources for residents.