Ann Arbor plan could reduce greenhouse gases by 90 percent

Dec 18, 2012

Ann Arbor has just announced a plan to reduce greenhouse gases by 90 percent by 2050 - and they'll need residents' help to do it.

Nathan Geisler helped author the plan and says the almost 200-page plan suggests dozens of strategies for the community to reduce its carbon footprint.  “The climate plan is an energy plan and a transportation plan and has land use elements and a variety of things to look at how as a community we can reduce energy consumption and therefore greenhouse gas emissions.”

He added that the first step for homeowners is to conduct an energy audit.  “This allows for residents to really look at the consumption in their home and find out ways to really save money in addition to doing something greener for themselves and the family.”

Geisler says basic energy efficiency investments could save Ann Arbor residents about 14 million dollars a year in energy costs.

- Chris Zollars, Michigan Radio Newsroom