Ann Romney gushes love for Michigan, praises Paul Ryan's debate performance | Michigan Radio

Ann Romney gushes love for Michigan, praises Paul Ryan's debate performance

Oct 12, 2012

Ann Romney is making stops across Michigan Friday. The wife of Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney started early at conference center in Hudsonville, just outside of Grand Rapids.

Ann Romney has been doing a lot of campaigning for her husband. So she says she made one “special request” of planners; “Will you please send me to Michigan?”

Standing in front of a “Women for Mitt” banner, Ann Romney held up her hand, pointed to her hometown and confessed her love for the state.

“This is home for me. And I’m doing something today I’m so excited about. I get to go to the Franklin Cider Mill and eat donuts and cider,” Romney said enthusiastically. She shared memories of going to the cider mill in Bloomfield Hills outside of Detroit when she was a little kid. “I haven’t been there since I was 16 or 17,” Romney grinned.

Romney spent most of her roughly fifteen minute long speech sharing personal stories about her husband. She also touted his professional capabilities and promised he’d deliver an American “resurgence” if elected.

“I can promise you one thing, even the stock market is going to go up after November 7th,” Romney declared.

She also praised her husband’s running mate.

“By the way, Paul Ryan did a great job last night,” Romney said of Ryan’s televised debate performance Thursday evening. She said Ryan looked “terrific” next to Vice President Joe Biden during the only scheduled Vice Presidential debate.

“Because what you saw in Paul was a level head, very smart; you can tell, it came through the kind of character that this man has. He has such integrity,” Romney said.

Paul Ryan attracted thousands of people to an event in Rochester earlier this week.

Polls show a narrowing gap in Michigan between Romney and President Obama.