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Anti-union group, MEA lock horns (again)

Aug 20, 2015

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There's another squabble between an anti-public-union group and the union that represents most of Michigan's teachers. 

The Mackinac Center for Public Policy actively encourages teachers to quit the Michigan Education Association. The group posts videos of teachers giving the reasons why they quit, and advising others to follow their example. 

The Center also sends mail to union members. A recent mailing told teachers they could join a national union to get a better liability insurance policy. 

The MEA says the group failed to tell teachers that they'd be giving up some key protections, including union representation for grievances and hearings.

For its part, the Michigan Education Association doesn't make it easy to quit. Teachers can only opt out of the union during the month of August. 

The MEA recently changed the address where teachers must send their notice to quit, and the Mackinac Center calls it a "trick to lock workers in a dues cage." 

The union says the address was published in its member publication in June, it's on the MEA website, and, if teachers send their notices to the wrong address, they'll be directed to the correct one.