Appeal coming as Michigan governor's office pursues consent agreement for Detroit

Mar 22, 2012

Aides to Governor Rick Snyder say the state will ask the Michigan Court of Appeals to lift a judge’s order that prohibits a deal between Michigan and Detroit to resolve the city’s budget crisis.

An Ingham County judge says the state cannot make any deals with Detroit until he decides late next week whether a state team reviewing Detroit’s finances broke Michigan’s open meetings law.    Monday is the deadline for the review team to give Governor Snyder its recommendations.

Terry Stanton is the governor’s press secretary. He says that limits the options as the state has its own legal deadlines to meet.  

“Obviously, time is of the essence and what needs to be considered here, in the big picture is the fact that a financial crisis is still very much in place in Detroit," says Stanton. 

Stanton says attorneys are still sorting through the possibilities.  But he says the fear is, if the order is not lifted, the governor’s choices will be limited to doing nothing as Detroit is about to run out of money, or ordering a state takeover of the city.