Are schools gaming the system or following the rules? | Michigan Radio

Are schools gaming the system or following the rules?

Jun 25, 2013

Governor Snyder’s school reform agenda includes rewarding schools for so called best practices.

Those include providing physical education, offering online instructional programs or blended learning opportunities, or being a school of choice. Districts meeting seven out of eight of those best practices are eligible to receive 52 additional dollars per pupil in the district.

According to a story by Nancy Derringer of Bridge Magazine, some schools are meeting the letter of law to receive the additional money:

"Our community is not receptive to a broad-based Schools of Choice option, so we tried to identify how we could meet the letter of the law to receive the money," said Novi Superintendent Steve Matthews.

"They have established rules," he said, "and we play by them. We met the requirement. We don't feel bad about that."

We spoke with Derringer today on All Things Considered. Listen below.