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Artist imagines the faces behind NPR voices

Jun 29, 2011

Who doesn't wonder what public radio hosts actually look like?

Gaelan Kelly, an artist, went ahead and took a stab at making portraits of various hosts.

Here's the description from Kelly's website:

Well I'm sure we all do this with the voices on the radio, we (for some reason or other) get a mental picture of that person and it sticks.

The shock is when we actually end up seeing the face behind the voice and our mental image is shattered forever!

Like an iconic actor playing a role in a movie or an actor playing an iconic role in a movie from a famous book.

For better or worst, sometimes you just can't disassociate the two after the fact (thank you Ian McKellen).

Anyway, this is who I see in my head when I listen to NPR these days, not always intresting but always wrong.

Well except for Terry Gross, she just looks like she sounds.

What do you think of Garrison Keillor as a cow? Or Carl Castle as an old-timey-looking robot wearing sunglasses?

What portrait do you imagine when you hear All Things Considered's Robert Siegel? Or European correspondent Sylvia Poggioli? Or Michigan Watch's Lester Graham?

-Brian Short, Michigan Radio Newsroom