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Auchter's Art: The toll of fixing Michigan's infrastructure

Nov 29, 2019

So you're vacationing with a large group, and you're hungry. You've rolled up to, through, and now well past dinner time. Several plans have been suggested and (you thought) agreed to, but never quite executed for reasons that run the gamut from passive-aggressiveness ("Oh, I guess seafood is fine. I usually break out in hives and my throat closes, but that's okay.") to over-the-top rejections ("NO! Absolutely not! Applebee's is dead to me! They know what they did!")

It is at this point that somebody suggests that perhaps it'd be a good idea to consider Somali food, even though nobody has ever had it or knows where a restaurant might be. Know that hangry feeling?

That's kinda what I felt like when I read that the Michigan Senate is proposing a study to look into whether toll roads make sense for Michigan. Seriously? You've been supposedly working on a long-term plan for our infrastructure, and you're just now floating this idea? I mean, I've got nothing against considering tolls (or Somali food), but isn't it a bit late in the game? Good heavens, what else don't you have figured out?

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