Avoiding complacency among Democratic rank and file

Sep 4, 2012

Leading Michigan Democrats are in Charlotte, North Carolina for the Democratic National Convention.
They all say Michigan will go for Obama on election day.

This is a partisan crowd. So, of course, they're going to say the President will be re-elected. But these Democrats also know that recent polls show Mr. Obama and Republican nominee and native son Mitt Romney are in a dead heat in Michigan.

Former Governor James Blanchard says Democrats must work hard if they want their man back in the White House.

He warns, “Not to take the President for granted. Not to think just because he did all these good things, he’s somehow going to be a shoo-in. So, I think complacency is also a challenge to deal with.”

Governor Blanchard says those good things include saving the domestic auto industry from collapse and with it the state’s economy.