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Bacon: Michigan adds Nike to the Harbaugh brand

Aug 1, 2016


The wait is over — Nike’s line of University of Michigan apparel is finally available. Crowds lined up outside the MDen on State St. in Ann Arbor to wait for the new gear to be released at 12:01 am Monday. Football coach Jim Harbaugh and Athletic Director Ward Manuel both appeared at the retail store.

But not everyone understands the hype that came with the switch from Adidas to Nike, like Michigan Radio sports commentator John U. Bacon. He said, “I must not be their target audience because I don’t get it.”

But, regardless of what brand the football team wears, the season looks promising for Michigan, according to Bacon.


Bacon says Ohio State University--who he says has the best team in the Big Ten--and Michigan State University look strong as well.


Bacon also talked about the Detroit Tigers' rollercoaster season. The Tigers are currently on a six-game winning streak and Bacon says they'll be looking for a pitcher for the back of the starting rotation.


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John U. Bacon is Michigan Radio’s sports commentator.