Bernie Sanders supporters heartbroken and defiant | Michigan Radio

Bernie Sanders supporters heartbroken and defiant

Jul 26, 2016

Tammie Lewis sat in her seat crying as Bernie Sanders finished his speech to the Democratic National Convention last night. Sanders spoke about what the campaign had achieved. Lewis could only think of what she has lost.

“I’m just upset,” Lewis said as tears streamed down her cheeks, “Nothing’s going to change.  He was my only hope."

Other Bernie Sanders delegates from Michigan sat stone-faced as their candidate extolled the virtues of Hillary Clinton.  

Melissa Arab stood holding a pro-Hillary sign she had altered to read STOP HER.

Arab says she will vote for Bernie Sanders this evening when the delegates’ final votes are counted during the roll call of the states. But she’s not thinking beyond that.

“I can’t say who I’ll vote for in November, but it won’t be Hillary or Trump,” Arab says. 

Still other Sanders supporters are not giving up hope just yet.  

They believe the recent DNC email scandal may still convince enough delegates to vote for Sanders this evening and win him the nomination, which is highly unlikely.