Big Chill comes tomorrow in Ann Arbor | Michigan Radio

Big Chill comes tomorrow in Ann Arbor

More than 109,000 hockey fans are expected to be on hand for Saturday afternoon’s outdoor game at Michigan Stadium.  Its being called the Big Chill for a reason.

The Michigan Wolverines will skate against the Michigan State Spartans in a game that will likely break the all-time attendance record for a hockey game.

If that doesn’t give everyone goosebumps, the temperature at game time surely will.  The thermometer is expected to be hovering around the freezing mark when the puck is dropped.

Bruce Madej  is an associate Athletic Director at the University of Michigan

“There are going to be a couple of spots where people will be able to warm up.  It will be cold, there’s no doubt about it.   But what we’re finding out is people are planning on doing this just as they would for normal tailgate party.” 

Madej says despite the bone chilling temperature the athletic department is treating this like any other game at the Big House.