Big Ten prefers "status quo", but is looking at expanded college football playoff

Jun 4, 2012

Big Ten officials are seriously looking at a plan to create a potentially lucrative national college football playoff system.   Just how lucrative remains an unanswered question.

College football fans have been complaining for years about the Bowl Championship Series. The BCS uses poll rankings by college coaches and sportswriters to decide which two teams should play for the national football championships.

But there’s an effort to replace the BCS with a four team playoff as early as the 2014 season.

On a conference call with reporters today,   Nebraska chancellor Harvey Perlman says the Big Ten officials would prefer to stay with the “status quo”,  but the four team playoff is an option.       

Conference commissioner Jim Delany says their media consultants are looking at how much money expanding the playoffs could generate. But he says they won’t know until a plan is set possibly by this fall.

“And its at that time…that we’ll be able to determine what the value of the property may be,” Delany said on the conference call.

Some critics say adding another game is all about money and does not take into account the potential for injury to players.