Bill would allow people to hunt from motorized wheelchairs

Apr 14, 2015

People who rely motorized wheelchairs could soon be able to use them while they hunt in Michigan. 

Right now, it’s against Michigan law for a hunter to discharge a weapon from a motorized vehicle. 

Credit Steve Carmody / Michigan Radio

The state House Tourism and Outdoor Recreation Committee takes up a bill on Wednesday to allow hunters to use “personal assistive mobility devices.”

State Rep. Charles Smiley, D-Burton, says he was asked to sponsor the bill to help disabled hunters.

“Getting them out into the outdoors and able to do things that you and I can do … I think is a great thing,” says Smiley. 

The bill would allow hunters to fire a shotgun at small game from a “personal assistive mobility device.”

A similar passed the state House during the last legislative session, but died in the Senate.