Bing: "Detroit can truly be a city that works"

Jul 27, 2011

Detroit Mayor Dave Bing has unveiled a big part of his “Detroit Works” Project to strengthen city neighborhoods.

The strategy involves dividing neighborhoods into three categories: Steady, transitional, and distressed.

The city will focus on code enforcement and infrastructure improvement in the more viable areas, and on demolishing dangerous structures in more blighted ones.

Bing says the plan will focus intensively on three areas to start, and officials will carefully monitor the results.

“Doesn’t mean that we’re not gonna support the other areas. We will continue to do that. But I wanna be able to measure what we do in these communities that’s working, so that we can transfer it over to other communities down the road.”

Bing emphasized that the city will not cut off vital services to any city neighborhood, no matter how distressed.

The new service delivery strategy will roll out over the next two weeks.