Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Michigan buys Medicaid insurer

Aug 9, 2011

Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Michigan is expanding its involvement in Medicaid coverage.  Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Michigan joined a Pennsylvania Blue Cross to buy up a Medicaid health care plan based in Philadelphia.  Amerihealth Mercy serves 4 million Medicaid patients in 11 states.    

The Medicaid system is expected to add 16 million more recipients when the nation’s new health care law takes effect in 2014. 

Helen Stojic is a spokeswoman for Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Michigan.  

“Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Michigan not only will have an opportunity to play a role nationally, it will also want to look at Michigan…and how we can best serve the Michigan beneficiaries here who will be receiving Medicaid.”  

Stojic says Blue Cross hopes to expand its current Medicaid coverage in Michigan, which at the moment is limited to three counties.