Breaking down the attack ads with Truth Squad | Michigan Radio

Breaking down the attack ads with Truth Squad

Sep 20, 2010

Here's an interesting post from, "candidates have a legal right to lie to voters." It's protected speech. In fact, TV or radio stations running political ads they know to be false, can't refuse to run the ad.

That's why we need people like John Bebow from the Truth Squad and Lester Graham from Michigan Radio's Michigan Watch.

Recently, they talked about some of the ads we're seeing in the governor's race.

It's all about jobs this year, and each candidate seems eager to paint the other as a "jobs killer." Here's an example of ad from the Michigan Democratic Party attacking Rick Snyder's record on jobs:

Bebow says this ad was rated a "foul" by the Truth Squad for misrepresenting Snyder's record at Gateway.

A Michigan Republican Party ad attacking Virg Bernero's record on jobs in Lansing was also rated a "foul."

One of the things that seems amazing to a lot of voters is, I thought if these ads got on TV somebody had somehow vetted them. You can't put something on TV that's not true.

says Graham. It might seem that way, but there's no "truth in advertising" for political ads. Do you think there should be?